Coconut is one of the fruits with the greatest diversity of benefits and uses. It has very common derivatives such as coconut milk, coconut water, and even coconut oil. 

The oil is fascinating. It is a beauty secret to take care of hair, nails, and skin.

How does it help us?

  • Makeup remover. Smear a little on cotton and rub over the makeup area.
  • Moisturizing for the scalp. You only need to mix it with water and apply it.
  • Softens the cuticle. Apply directly to strengthen the area.
  • Combined with sugar, it is ideal as an exfoliator.
  • It is a body moisturizer, perfect to apply on the knees or elbows, the most commonly dry areas.
  • Soften lips from dryness
  • Cleaner for your makeup brushes
  • The vitamin E and the antioxidants it has to make it perfect if you suffer from rough skin.

Do you know of any other tricks? Share it!

Ufff! It is the secret of beauty and now, the smell of the moment ... right? And while you sleep you can take advantage of it too.