Hey girl! Yes, we feel fantastic after our manicure & pedicure, right?. Even more so if you are connected with the energy of the season and what is trending.

Summer is colorful, fun, and durable. This year experiment with new textures, different shapes, and bright colors that will make you stand out wherever you go.

If we talk about the shapes, almond nails are by far the most popular for this fall 2021, although you can never go wrong if you choose for your natural base: round, oval, or square. You can try techniques such as dip, gel, or acrylic that will give your nails an incredible finish.
Fall nails with cool, subtle, and dark tones result in a beautiful, flawless, and fashionable manicure. Deep and muted red, brown, green, yellow, gray, and copper-orange colors with lots of shine are on-trend.
The most prominent : french colors, metallic, marbled, ombre, or matte.

Even without a drop of polish, but with a perfect shine, it's a great option. The key is an excellent manicure made by a professional, with your favorite tip and drops of coconut oil, promoting their growth and keeping them healthy.

Remember that the most important thing is to feel comfortable with yourself, regardless of the style that defines you or the color you choose. Make space in your schedule for yourself.